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todays ad on facebook

ASMW Inc. is seeking experienced entrepreneurs to setting up talent agencies and managing actors within the growing film industry. LANTAWOOD has unlimited acting opportunities. the BEST distribution system, over 15 Southern based film Producers/Production companies, making movies. And they all need good actors. We guarantee them "work" you managed them, we turn them into STARS. Call 678 754 5438 to sign up.
Craigslist Boaz

Does GAY mean "not masculine enough"?

Today I heard the CNN host Don Lemon was "gay"
Don said “It’s quite different for an African-American male,” And I ask, what is different Don, what?
Then he says “It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. And I ask again, What Don, what is the worst thing you can be a drug dealer, a pedophile, a rapists or a “not very masculine but handsome and educated man”? Don says, “You’re taught you have to be a man; (Yes Don, as well traveled as you are, you know that every parent expects their son to grow up to be a man.) Don says, “you have to be masculine.” (No Don, as much as we would all love our sons to grow up to be big and strong and maybe play NFL football, it doesn’t always turn out this way. Sometimes they end up "not masculine, successful and professional, like you, that’s life. But what does all this have to do with a penis probing an anus? .... And you and the media are trying so hard to convince us to see that a man not being masculine or a female not being feminine means that the person is GAY which now means that the person should prefer same sex relationships. Stop that mess, Don.

Anyway today My eyes were full of tears today when I was mandated by our management to expunge more than half of our partners due to their underperforming and sheer lack of understanding of "INDUSTRY", "COMMUNITY" and the vision of LANTAWOOD. We have weeded out the farm and our farmers are totally ready to begin harvesting come this June.....500 stores opening June 2011
Craigslist Boaz

Finally, a structure that works for the industry

After 2 years of setting things up. Lantawood has finally adopted a structure that works for the upfiftment of the industry.

1. We have put in place the Lantawood Certification as a standardize system of offering film industry opportunities to people in communities we serve. This is now a requirement in order to participate in paid industry opportunities as a Writer, Crew Worker, Actor, Producer, Director or Support Worker.

2. We decided that interested partners must complete their Certification steps 1 through 4, within 14 day of initial sign up. Any applicant who can not complete this within the give time frame will be dropped from our organization. This is to eliminate stagnation or inactivity within our organization.

3. We are requiring an upfront payment of the the $100 Certification Fee (non refundable). This will eliminate people who do not have the level of seriousness required by our organization and our mission.

4. For those who have the interest but have no funds, we have provided a way for you to raise the funds needed to set you in motion of beginning your career.

5. We have provides 3 uniformed training and orientation programs for all people getting involved with the industry. :

6. We have decided that talents are now required to be certified within 90 days to continue with our organization.

Next month, Lantawood will be opening up our 500 distribution outlets to jump-start the industry.
Craigslist Boaz

Lantawood Promotions in Atlanta today

Today we will have a promotion team Atlanta Georgia from 4 pm till 7 pm. Come check us out as we get the word out to the community. Jobs and more Jobs. We will also be searching for that one special female actor, to turn into a star in the film Tip Drill.
Craigslist Boaz

One year later

It has been one full year since I wrote on this blog. A lot has changed in a year both personally and with the organization. We have a formidable structure in place, focused on creating jobs and making money. The people and the city of Atlanta are with us. We are also setting up operations in communities like Woodstock, Georgia with Bridget Chapel opening doors up there. Bridget brings a lot of seasoned energy to our present management team. I just realized that I need some rest, so I will write more tomorrow.

(10 minutes later) After a cup of hot coco, I am back to finish this. Today's Production class was quite an interesting one. After discussing with the class about our system of not writing out the dialogue in a script. A young man of about 23 yrs. old said, "I don't believe Lantawood is for me, I have not bought a film at a gas station before and I believe every thing is going online"
By the way, this young man graduated with a film degree from Howard University. Do you see what his formal education has done to his thinking? Not that I do not support formal education but one has to take it in with a grain of salt.
I wish his school would have developed his basic marketing knowledge and a stronger belief in him self, and the power of community.
Craigslist Boaz

Derrick Boazman asked on Facebook::Public Schools

Were you educated in the pulic school system? What happned to it over the years? Is public school education forever broken or can it still produce great thinkers? (North Fulton HS '84 and proud of it). Don't miss our forum on "Do Black People Still Value Education? Thursday 9/2 Click flyer for details- Your thoughts DB

Namso Responded:

No I didn't go to a public school. I went to a little village school in Africa. Were we the students had to mow the lawns, maintain the buildings and cook our meals in the cafeteria. And if you as a 10th or lower grader stepped out of line in any way, you would be punished (flogged) by a select team of 11th graders called "Prefects". These Prefects actually run the schools. The 12 graders where too "senior" to get involved in the mess. As a 10th grader, you could not dare talk back at an 11th grader, so imagine the perceived status of the teachers and the principal. The 12 graders never went to the cafeteria because "picking up their meals" was the responsibility of their school children (7th graders assigned to 12 graders for mentorship, and to teach them humility and respect). Even if you where a not so good parent at home, the society had a system in motion that created a harmonious community, based on respect and results, not sentiments.
But things are different now. When movies like Boyz in the Hood, Menace 2 Society and New Jack City arrived Africa, it shattered the fabric of the culture. Then the gang idea began developing. The society fought back, disbarring such activities with ruthless effort. But the stories were different in the Universities. Because the University system was meant to westernize us, we took pride in our Fraternities. I was a member of one. By my Sophomore year, the fraternity I belonged to had morphed into a Confraternity. 2 years later, they were called “cults” and I had lost 3 friends in Gang related activities so I knew it was time to quit. So I quit.
Today these University cults have matured to New Jack City styled gangsters, killing and robbing folks. This was totally not African. Film and Television brought an abandonment of the culture for western values. Years ago, it was a taboo for an African man to move in to a woman’s house, if he didn’t have a house, he would have to go build one first, then come for the woman. Now they have become shameless, adopting the 50/50 strategy, which allows the men to slack in their responsibility. Today’s solutions:
1. Educate our people to first, understand their heritage and values, then acquire the needed power to change the laws to suit our values and heritage.
2. Abolish all the anti progress laws like, no beer sales Sunday, number of wives a man can marry, gay marriage, whipping of naughty kids at home and in school, immigration
3. Allow children to naturally belong to their father and be from where their father is from, hopefully this will bring fathers back into the picture.
4. Abolish mandated child support payments, if he doesn’t’ t want the child, that’s his business with DFACS, the kid is his period.
5. Introduce bride prices for our women, this would increase the value we have for marriage and our women. It would also bring out the truth in that very confused phrase …”I love you”
6. Make parents responsible for the actions of their children, of whatever age. Your child is your child, for ever.
7. Ensure that the images we and the world see of us brings positive growth to us as a people.
8. Though these images, we can encourage a culture where age and wisdom become the standard for respect, not money
Derrick, to sum it all I say:
Any school can produce great thinkers, what they think about is what affects our lives and our way of living.
Craigslist Boaz

10,000 film jobs versus 1,000 jobs. Which way is Atlanta going?

In December 2008, I had published via my blog about a system our organization had developed which would have the potential of creating over 10,000 film industry related jobs in Atlanta and beyond.
See blog at: Lantawood Blog

I blogged about how we could use this system to resurrect neighbourhoods in Atlanta and the surrounding communities within a few years. How this system would put under utilized infrastructure like the former Lakewood Fairgrounds into use, employing over 1000 local people.
I must say, this proposed studio lease is a great deal for Hollywood but it is not spectacular for Atlanta and will not bring spectacular gains to the people of Atlanta, in the long run.

In order to have real opportunities, we must focus our efforts to develop our "own film industry". This would create an unlimited number of jobs, and bring in tax revenue to our government. And did I tell you the cost of our system? Virtually nothing, to set it in motion.

To many, this new studio may be seen as the last pieces of the puzzle for Atlanta's developing film industry.. That is only if you look at it from Hollywood's point of view (which most people do). Looking at it from the point of view of our communities, our talent and the sustainability of the industry in Atlanta, the first and last piece of the puzzle is distribution..

The question is "which puzzle are we solving"?
Isn't it time we helped solve the puzzle that brings us the most gain?
Isn't it time we helped build the "real" movie industry of the South?
Craigslist Boaz

Atlanta Independent Film industry Conference April 19th 2010

Atlanta, GA April 13, 2010 Press Release

At least five high-profile productions filmed in Georgia are slated to hit movie theaters in the next few months, including Why Did I Get Married (II), Get Low, Killers and Due Date. The Last Song, a Miley Cyrus vehicle, opened March 31. In addition, The Blind Side and The Crazies, both still in theaters, were filmed in Georgia and have grossed a combined total of more than $292 million at the box office. On the independent front known as Lantawood, at least 9 new movies are slated for release in 2010. Already produced are Reynolds War and The Wilderness staring Jazz Youngblood, Ken Smith, Aly Williams and Cody Bowens.

While it would be nice to get a grandiose distribution deal, or even the validation of seeing your movie somewhere in the local Blockbuster, the reality is -- this will probably not be a reality for many filmmakers.
However, if you’re ready to face the future of independent movie distribution, you’re in good shape. With the launching of the Lantawood DVD distribution model in May 2010, we now have clear indication that independent movie distribution for local actors and producers has arrived in a majorly portable way.

According to Namso Akpan, Executive Director, Lantawood Incorporated, “we have tested the Lantawood system over the last 3 years and now it is time to fully launch all its components to the benefit of the community. We are holding a conference to bring all actors, producers, investors and movie industry enthusiast together for the first Atlanta movie industry conference on Monday April 19th 2010.”

Several issues plague the independent producer; you finished your movie, now what?
You got into Sundance but didn't get a deal. What now?
You didn't get into Sundance and no one wants your movie. How can you turn this around? Everyone is talking about Internet and Digital Downloading options, but Morgan Spurlock said you might only get your phone bill paid this route. What is the truth here?
You want to make movies but you also want to live in here Atlanta. How do you attain this? “These are among the issues that will be resolved at the conference,” said Namso Akpan. “Investing in our local movie industry will offer writers the opportunity to turn their books into movies and also open up advertising and placement opportunities for local businesses. We are also introducing artiste to the opportunities in releasing their music as movie sound tracks.’

There is much talk among independent Producers and Directors that obtaining viable film distribution these days is nearly impossible. According to Producer and Distribution expert Jerome Courshon, the major problem is not the perceived lack of options for Filmmakers, but their lack of knowledge and insider information to achieve results. According to Namso, “one of the benefits of developing our own industry is the ability to provide movie distribution to local producers and real job opportunities to the community.”

The conference will be held from 7 pm till 10 pm, at Throwbacks Sports Bar, 4847 Old National Hwy College Park, Georgia 30337. In a statement by the event host Jenee Woodley, who also serves as the Community Affairs Coordinator for Lantawood Incorporated, “at the conference, producers will pitch movie ideas to sponsors, actors will be cast in movies, movie distribution deals will be sealed among other things” said Jenee. “Attend this conference to learn the fast changing trend within the Atlanta movie industry and also get assistance on your movie project.”
For more info on the developing movie industry in Atlanta, visit
Craigslist Boaz

Triple Threat Events Annual Holiday Showcase

All Artist, actors, comedians, producers and all those breaking into the industry... It is happening in Atlanta this December.
Triple Threat Events is putting it down in Atlanta
Watch video to find out more.

Craigslist Boaz

Ride home from Anniston, AL

When I got done with my training class in Anniston, AL at 10:30am on June 11, 2010 I took the long way home. I did not have to be at Liberty Park until 7:00pm to see my daughters softball game so I took a ride.

I left Anniston and we north on Hwy 21 to Peidmont, AL where I got on Hwy 9 north to Centre, AL. In Centre, AL I went east on Hwy 68 to Gaylesville, AL where I picked up Hwy 35 and took it north till I got to Little River Canyon. If you have never been to Little River Canyon you really need to go. It was a great ride. I headed west on hwy 176 which is called Little River Canyon Parkway. This road runs along the side of the canyon and has a lot of curves and over looks into the Canyon.

I stayed west on hwy 176 and made several stops at the over looks. I stayed on Hwy 176 until I hit hwy 68 and I took it west to Collinsville, AL where I picked up I59 and headed south. I stayed on I59 till I got to I759 where I went west to Rainbow City, AL. I ate a late lunch in Rainbow City on hwy 25 south. After lunch I stayed south on Hwy 25 till I turned south again on Hwy 77 to Talladega Super Speedway.

When I left Talladega Superspeedway I went west on I20 and got off in Leeds, AL and stopped at the Bass PRo Shop to cool down for a little while. It was over 95 degress and humid so I needed a little break. When I left Bass Pro Shop I got on Rex Lake Rd and stopped at Barbers Motor Sports Complex.

I stayed on Rex Lake Rd. when I left Barbers until I got to Libery Park. I stayed there for a couple of hours and watched my daughters softball game before heading on home. I got onto I459 west to I59/20 west towards Tuscaloosa.

Over all it was a good day of riding. It got a little warm and I got some sun. I had covered a little over 300 miles. It was not a lot of miles but more of a enjoyable day of riding.
Craigslist Boaz

Photo From Mt. Cheaha.

This was taken at a pulloff on the road leading to Mt. Cheaha on Tuesday June 8, 2010.
Craigslist Boaz

My first trip on my new wing.

I got to take my first short trip on my new wing on 6/8/10 to Anniston, AL. I had to go to a school in Anniston for 3 days and got to ride my new wing so I took the long way.

I left around 2:30p and went east on hwy 82 until I got to Brent, AL where I picked up hwy 25 and went north. I took hwy 25 all the way through Childersburg, . In Childersburg I took hwy 76 north until I got to hwy 21. I stayed on hwy 21 north until I saw a sing that said Mt. Cheaha. I went east on a small country road and went up to Mt Cheaha which is the highest point in Alabama. I rode over over Mt. Cheaha and got on hwy 9 and headed north until I got to hwy 431. I followed hwy 231 north until I reached I20. I took I20 west back to Anniston. I got to the hotel at about 6:30. I had ridden approx 200 miles.

This was a good short trip for my first time taking a road trip on my wing again. It was just long enough to get the feel of being in the saddle again but not to long. This is the second day here and it rained this afternoon and more rain to come, I had planned on riding up north to Little River Canyon but maybe tomorrow I will.

I took some photos of my bike up on Mt Cheaha. I will post them when I get home.
Craigslist Boaz

My new wing.

I picked up my new wing on Thursday 6/3/06 in Tupelo, MS at Honda of Tupelo. My good friend Alan Whinery drove me up there and I rode it home. It was great to be back on a wing again.

It was a short ride home of 120 miles. I took 45 south and then went eat on 278, this took me into Alabama where I took hwy 17 south in Sulligent, AL. I stayed on hwy 17 till Vernon, AL where I took hwy 18 east into Fayette, AL where I met JEff Brown at McDonald's and we rode back together. When we left Fayette we got on 43 south and took it all the way to Northport, AL and home.

It was a good ride but short. It was good to be riding again but a little nerve racking since the last time I rode a motorcycle I was almost killed. It will take a little while to get back into the rhythm of riding again but I will love every minute of it.
Craigslist Boaz

Tuscaloosa, AL to Key West, Fl and back

For my third Ironbutt Ride I decided to go to Key West, FL and back in under 48 hours. The ride should have been a little over 2000 miles but turned out to be longer as you will see as you read.

I did this ride in April of 06 and I left out at about 4:00am in the morning and went east on hwy 82. I went through Montgomery , AL and got on hwy 231 south and went through Dothan, AL. and into Florida where I got on I10 east towards Jacksonville, FL. I went through Jacksonville, FL because I want to go down the east coast of Florida and come back up the west coast. In Jacksonville, FL i took I95 south and went all the way to Miami, FL. I went through Miami and got on hwy 1 and went south to Key West, FL. I took a few photos of my bike in Key West and go on and started heading north. It was appox 11:00pm when I started home.

My plan was to go back to Miami and take hwy 41 west and go through the Everglades. I made it approx 50 miles on hwy 41 when i saw blue lights blocking the road. When I got up on the light I went over and talked to the cop and he told me that the road was blocked because of a accident and it would be a couple of hours before it was open. He told me to go around I would have to go back about 30 miles and head north for about 20 miles and I would run into I75. I thought oh crap here it is almost 1:00am in the morning and I was in the middle of nowhere and had to back track. I chose to go all the Way back to Miami and get back on I95 and head north and get on the Florida turnpike in Ft. Pierce. I started looking for a hotel just north of Ft. Lauderdale, FL but could not find one that had any vacancies. I did not remember that a hurricane had come through a couple of weeks ago and all the hotels were full of workers helping with the clean up. I kept riding north until I got north of Orlando, FL when I finally found a hotel that had a room. I checked in at around 10:00a. I had been up for 30 hours and was dead. I asked the clerk what time checkout was and she said 12:00. I told her what was going on and she said she would let me stay until 2:00pm before she charged me for another night. I went and got to sleep fast.

I got up at 1:30 and got a shower and checked out. I stayed north on the turnpike until I reached I75 where I went north. I stayed on I75 until I got to I10 where I headed west. Stayed on I10 until I got to hwy 55 in De Funiak Springs, FL where I went north. I Stayed on hwy 55 and went into Alabama where it changed into hwy 31. I went north on hwy 31 to Greenville, AL where i went west on hwy 10 and got on I65 north. I noticed when I got on I65 that it was lighting off to the north west. Within about 15 miles it started raining and got worse. It was about 10:00pm and I was now in a severe thunderstorm. The wind was blowing so hard it blew my visor off my helmet. I had to go about 30 mph for about 30 miles when it stopped raining. I was north of Montgomery now and got on 82 west and I was almost home. I got home about 12:00 midnight and went straight to bed. This was one trip I was glad to be over with. Between the accident and not being able to find a hotel and then the rain, this was a weird trip. I had gone over 2100 miles in 42 hours.

I did not know at the time but this would be my last ironbutt ride for awhile. I had to put the wing up for sale because we needed the money. A guy from Sweden purchased the bike. He came over and got it on Sept 26, 2006. I remember the day because I had a wreck on my police motor that morning and my dad had to meet him while I was in surgery. I spent a month and a half in the hospital and could not walk for over 3 months with out a walker. It took me almost over 3 years to talk my wife into letting me get another bike and I now have it. I just purchased a new 07 wing dark red metallic with a gps on it last Thursday, 06/03/06. I loved the ride home and will from now on be posting rides as I go. Not all will be ironbutt rides but some will. I will also be posting photos taken while on the rides.

Hope you enjoy.
Craigslist Boaz

2nd Ironbutt Ride

I did not take my second ironbutt ride until August 05. I had taken several trips between this ride and the last. I had gone back to Daytona bike week again, North Carolina to a Christian Motorcycle state rally,Arkansas to another CMA rally, and to Knoxville to the Honda Hoot. I also purchased a new 03 Honda GL1800 wing from Honda of Tupelo.

My seconds ironbutt ride I decided to go farther out west and take about 4 days to cover approx 4500 miles in 4 and half days by myself. I left out of Tuscaloosa and took I59 west and stopped in Jackson, MS to watch my daughter play a softball game. After the game I headed out on I55 north and went to Memphis, TN where I got on I40 west and stopped about 30 miles west of Memphis, TN in AR to sleep.

I got up and hit the road at 5:00am and go back on I40 west and went through AR and into OK. I crossed into TX and in Amarillo, TX i got on Hwy 87 north and stayed on this through NM. In NM I got onto I25 north and went into CO. I stopped in Pueblo, CO and slept. I got to the hotel about 11:00 local time and went to sleep.

I got up at 5:00am the next morning and kept going north on I25 until I got to Cheyenne, WO where I got onto I80 west and went across WO into the Rockies. I rode west on I80 until I got to Rock Springs, WO where I went north on Hwy 191. I stayed on hwy 191 into Pinedale, WO where I got onto Hwy 189 which I followed over into Idaho where I picked up I15 north in Idaho Falls. O rode north on I15 through Idaho until I hit I90 and turned back east on I90 and into Montana. I stayed On I90 and rode across Montana and back into Wyoming until I finally got to Gillette, Wo where I found a hotel and went to sleep at about 11:30. This was one of the pretties scenery rides I have ever been on. The Rockies are awesome. IF you have never been out west to the Rockies you need to go.

The next morning I got up and hit the road again at 5:00am. I continued east on I90 and crossed over into South Dakota. In Spearfish, Wo I got on Hwy 85 and went north into North Dakota. When I got to Bowman, ND i headed back east on hwy 12. I stayed on hwy 12 and went back into SD until I got to Selby, SD where I went south on hwy 83 and took hwy 83 south to get back to I90 in Vivian, SD. I took I90 east to Sioux Falls, SD and kept going east into Minnesota. In Liverne, MN I went south on Hwy 75 and into Iowa. I stayed south on Hwy 75 south and went through Sioux City and into Nebraska. I stayed om hwy 75 south through Nebraska and into Kansas until I reached Topeka, KS where i went east on I70 and went to Kansas City, Mo. I went about 45 miles east of Kansas, City, Mo and found a hotel at about 1:00am. I was very tired and really needed to sleep.

I got up on my fourth day of riding at 8:00am and went east on I70 till I got to St. Louis where i picked up I55 south and took it to Memphis, Tn. In Memphis I got on Hwy 78 and headed east to Tupelo, MS where I picked up Hwy 45 south. I took hwy 45 south until I got to Columbus, MS where i went east on hwy 82 and was finally back in Alabama. I stayed on hwy 82 east until I reached Northport, AL where I turned south on hwy 69 and took this to my home. I got home around 9:00pm and was ready to get into my own bed.

I had hit 18 states in a little over 4 days and gone a little over 4500 miles. I did not keep receipts or turn this in the the ironbutt association. I did not need another patch or pin. I just did this one to do it. I had a lot of fun and had taken a few little side trips along the way. I went to Pikes peak and Devils tower. I also saw the bad lands. i had not hit any bad weather just a little rain. I did learn to always bring a jacket. I got up one morning and it was 37 degrees in August, I never thought that would happen but I did have a sweatshirt and it kept me warm enough.
Craigslist Boaz

First Ironbutt Ride

In March on 03 Adam Nix and I took off on our first and his last Ironbutt ride. He rode a VTX and I was on my GL1500. We had been talking about the route we were going to take for about a month and we came up with a big loop that would take us over 2000 miles in 2 days. When you do a ironbutt ride you have to get everything documented with witnesses when you leave and keep all you reciepts and keep up wth your milage. You have to time your eating and gas stops and stay on schedule. You can see all the rules and stuff at the ironbutt web site. There is a link on this blog page. IF you are going to do one you better plan good and stick to your plan. Also as Adam found out you need to be on the right bike.

We took off at 6:00am in the morning from Lowes on 69in Tuscaloosa, AL and went north on 69 until we got to Northport, AL and went west on 82 into Mississippi, We stayed on 82 until we hit I55 north and took this to MEmphis, TN where we got on I40 west and went into Arkansas. We stayed on I40 west throuhg Little Rock, AR and on into Oklahoma until we got to Oklahoma City, Ok wehn we got on I35 and went south into Texas. Sometime between Ok City and the TC state line it got dark. We stayed on I35 south and went through Dallas and south of Waco, Tx before we stopped for our sllep break. During this first day of the ride Adam had figured out a way to tie a shoe string around his throttle so he had kinda a cruise control. IT worked pretty good. THe first day had been a good ride, no rain and no problems. We had eaten fastfood at our stops to so we could make good time. We got to bed about 11:00 and slept good.

We got up the next morning and hit the road again around 6:00am and went south on I35 and stopped in Austin, TX to eat and then went onto San Antonio, Tx Where we picked up I10 and finally started to head back east and go home. WE stayed on I10 east all the way through Houston, TX and into LA. When we got back to MS we took I59 north towards Meridian, MS and then crossed back into Alabama. It started to rain on us in Meridian and we kept going.W finally got back to Lowes where we had started around 2:00am> We had hit some traffic and the rain had slowed us dwon so we did not make as good of time the second day ans we had the first. We both went home and planned on meeting the nextr day and getting all of our stuff together abd sending it in.

We got together the next day and got our stuff together and sent it in. A few weeks later we recieved our certificate in the mail along with a pin and patch. Adam said he would not do anotherr Ironbutt ride on his VTX. I on the other hand was already thinking about another one.We had rode a total of 2051 miles in under 48 hours. Ypu can go to the Ironnbtt web site and we are both on there for doing this ride.
Craigslist Boaz

My Ride to Chicago, IL

After I returned from Daytona Beach I started thinking about getting a Bunkhouse Camper to pull behind my wing. In June of 02 I rode my wing to Chicago, IL to get my camper. This was a good trip and the first I took by myself.

I planned on leaving at about 7:30am, but since I was working midnights and could not sleep I went ahead and left about 3:00am. The total distance of the trip there and back was 1600 miles. I went up on I65 but came back on I55 through Memphis, TN. On the way up I stopped off in Bowling Green, KY to get gas and was robbed of my key. I was taking a little break and a guy came up and asked me for a dollar to get a drink. I told him I had some Mt. Dews in my cooler and he said he wanted a dollar. I told him I was not going to give him a dollar to get beer. He crabbed my key out of the ignition and said “give me a dollar if you want your key back” I told him to give me my key or I was going to kick his butt. He took off running and I chased him and tackled him in a field and got my key back. The clerk in the store had seen him bothering me and called the cops. They pulled up just as I was tackling him. They came over and put him in cuffs, to make a long story short he was wanted in Louisville, KY for robbery so I did not press charges so I would not have to come back for court and all that junk. I got back on my wing and headed north towards Chicago. When I got to Chicago it was raining and I was in the middle of the worst traffic I had ever been in. But I finally made it to the factory and picked up my Bunkhouse camper.

When I left Chicago I headed south and picked up I55 to head towards Memphis. I was going to ride until I got tired. By this time it was about 6:30p. I had already been riding over 15 hours. Somewhere between Chicago and St. Louise it started pouring down rain and traffic got real slow, so I turned on the CB and found out a truck had turned over in the road and the interstate was shut down. So I got off and found a hotel. It was about 10:00p before I found a hotel. It had been almost 18 hours since I left my house and I was needing sleep anyway. I got me a bite to eat and went to sleep.

I woke up around 4:00am in the morning and took back off for Tuscaloosa, AL. The rest of the trip was pretty much just riding. I found that the trailer will slow you down a little bit but no a lot. I got home before my kids got home from school. So the way I figure it I was gone approx 35 hours, after sleeping and picking up my camper I figure I rode for 26 hours and covered 1600 miles. The funny thing about it was when I got home I would have gone again. When I got done with this ride I started looking into doing a Ironbutt ride.
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02 trip to Dayton Beach, FL.

In February 2002 Ronnie Barton, Thom Stephens, Johnny Cook and I took off for Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL. We all met a Ronnie’s house in Duncanville at 7:00am with plans to leave by 7:30am, but if you know Ronnie we did not leave to a little after 8:00am. This was my first long trip to take, it was almost 600 miles, I was excited to be going. Ronnie road his GL1500 wing with a side car pulling a camper, Thom rode his Valkrie pulling a camper, Johnny and I both were on GL1500 wings.

When we left it was raining so we put on our rain gear and took off going east on hwy 82, our first stop was in Prattville, AL approx 90 miles. We got gas and a little snack and left staying east on 82, we went through Montgomery, AL and hit hwy 231 southand rode all the way to Dothan, AL where we stopped for lunch. Before we left Dothan we filled up with gas and got back on 231 south and went into FL and got on I10 east. We stayed on I10 until we went south on I75 and got off on hwy 90 and went east for a few miles and then turned onto hwy 100 east and went to Keystone heights, Fl where we went to the Christian Motorcycle Association’s Florida State Rally. We stayed her for 2 days.

While we were at the rally we went to a worship service both nights. They had some real good singers and a good preacher. We watched a lot of the people at the rally play motorcycle games, like the slow race and the weenie bite. I can not remember anybodies name but I met a lot of nice people. But we had been there for a complete day and I wanted to get back to riding.

We got up early and hit the rode, we started off east on hwy 100 and took a lot of back roads, Thom came over the CB and asked if we could smell the Oranges. I had not noticed it until he said something but you could smell them. This is something you could never get in a vehicle. We rode until we hit I95 south and were about 45 miles north of Daytona Beach. We rode about 35 miles south of Daytona to Mims, FL and set up camp in a friends of Ronnie’s yard. We had made it to our final destination for the next few days before me and Johnny were going to have to go home.

While we were in Daytona we rode a lot everyday. We would ride from one area of town to another. We went and saw a lighthouse and went to Main st. and walked around and saw all the motorcycles. One of the days Ronnie said he knew a good place to eat some good seafood that was only an exit north on I95. Well he as wrong it was in Flagler Beach, I am not sure but I think from where we were at it was almost 50 miles. So for dinner that night we rode over 100 miles before we got back to Mims late that night. It was great.

Johnny and I had to get back to Tuscaloosa earlier then everybody else so we left one morning around 5:00a and made the 600 mile trip in about 10 hours. We would stop every 150-175 miles for gas and get a snack and go. We stopped around 11:30 and went in a B.Q. place to eat for about 30 min and then went all the way to T-town. It was a great trip. It was when we got done with this ride that I realized how much I love the long ride. I thought to myself I could go for another 500 miles before I got tired. This was a great trip and if you have never been to Bike week in Daytona Beach you really need to go at least once if you love motorcycles.
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A little about me and my love for Goldwing’s

I just thought I would let everybody know a little about my history of riding motorcycles. I got my first street bike when I was 16, it was a 83 Honda Shadow 500. My father helped me purchase it and he also got a motorcycle, his was a Suzuki 650. Besides riding around town a lot we took 2 trips. We lived in Fairfax, VA and our first trip was approx 100 miles away to Skyline Drive. We camped for a few days. The second trip we took was from Fairfax, Va to Avon, NC, approx 320 miles away. This was a long ride on a little bike, it took about 7 hours to get there and I was ready to get off. The ride home was even worse, it started raining on us about 140 miles from home and we rode the rest of the way in pouring down rain. I did not have a windshield or anything. It was terrible. But I look back on these 2 trips and the riding we would do around Northern, VA and smile, we really had a good time riding together. I wish he had not sold his and still rode.

We did not take anymore trips on our bikes and I graduated from HS and moved to Memphis, Tn where I still rode but just around town. In 1989 I moved to Rockwall, TX and in in 1993 I sold my motorcycle because I had gotten married and we had a kid on the way and I never had time to ride. But riding was in my blood and I loved it so I knew one day I would get another one.

In 1994 I got a job with the Tuscaloosa Police Dept so we moved again. The day finally came in 2001 when I got me another Honda Shadow but a 1100 this time. I mostly rode around town and would take little trips. I took a ride up to Waterloo, AL to meet up with the big motorcycle ride” The Trail Of Tears”. I had never seen so many bikes. This ride happens every year and if you have never seen it you should go at least once.

I had the Shadow 1100 for about 6 months when me and my wife went on a Charity ride and talked to a man named Ronnie Barton who was on a Goldwing. My wife said she sure would be more comfortable on a bike like that. Ronnie said he had another one at home that he was selling if I wanted to look at it. I went the next day and looked at it and rode it and fell in love with it. It was a 1996 GL1500. Over the next few days I got the money together and purchased it and sold my Shadow to a friend of mine. This was the start of a love of Goldwings and long distant riding.

In my next Blog I will tell about my first road trip to Daytona on my 1996 GL1500.
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Chapter Elections and Meeting August 19th – at Liberty Bicycles

Tuesday August 19th, 2014 / 6:30PM Where: Liberty Bicycles (Sponsored location) – Click here for Directions 1378 Hendersonville RD Asheville, NC 28803 We want you to join our Board of Directors! Have you ever wondered where all the decision are made about any of our events or how trail planning comes about? Every other month, opposite of the Chapter meetings, the PAS Board of Directors gets together to do just that. We are currently looking for key roles to fill. If you are interested in making a difference, please contact Pisgah Area Sorba is 100% volunteer ...
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