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Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013 - Slight Warm Up Today

Temps got above freezing today, so by the end of the day, much of the snow and ice had melted, though we had to start out the day thawing the horses' spigot with hot water again, as well as the RV's spigot, as I had laundry to do today and neede to fill up the water tank. Spent the day making considerable progress on my latest book project, with Hubby watching football all afternoon. He had to thaw out the drain as well, just in case we start to hit the high mark when we're showering later this evening. Otherwise, and uneventful day, except that we made the decision to stay here at least another day or two until the ice is completely gone and our travel day is rain-free. Right now there's a slight chance of rain and a high of 37 tomorrow, not getting excited about that yet...
Craigslist Boaz

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 - Pearl Harbor Day

Woke up to temps trying to crawl out of the teens! Needless to say, the water spigot by the corral was frozen, so I took out a kettle of hot water, which did the trick nicely. Horses got extra hay last night and today to keep them warm, and moving them to dryer stalls and moving the tarps over made a big difference. They seemed comfortable enough, nice and warm under their winter blankets. Spent the day working on my project while Hubby watched college football. Days are seeming to run together now, short daylight, plus living in a virtual cave, though the fireplace does make it quite cozy. Apparently there's good insulation in our Open Range, as the gas furnace didn't come on at all overnight, and we only had the fireplace and one small space heater on! Living in long underwear these days! Suppose to be marginally warmer, at least above freezing, tomorrow, and in the 50's by Wednesday! Can't wait!
Craigslist Boaz

Friday, Dec. 6, 2013 - Thunder Snow and Ice Day

So, one of the reasons we decided to spend the late Fall and early winter in Texas (besides visiting family in Austin during the upcoming holidays) was that the average temperatures for December here supposed to be around 63 during the day and lows of 40's overnight. Last night, it got down in the 20s, and we had rain, sleet, ice, and by this morning, snow on the ground! We were stunned to wake up several times during the night to the sound of thunder! Can't remember ever hearing thunder when the temperatures are so cold. Have you every experiences thundersnow?? Weird. Everything was covered with a layer of ice, couldn't get the truck door open, Hubby had trouble getting the tack room door open, he needed a tool to do it. The tarps we had put up on the corral had become a solid sheet of ice, and unfortunately, the wind had blown a lot of rain into Clio's stall, so we moved here and Apollo over to drier stalls. We're not too worried about anyone else coming in to ride today... We're a bit worried about one tree that hangs directly over us that looks pretty dead, and if it gets a lot of weight on it, might come crashing down, but we're keeping our fingers crosses that doesn't happen! Highs today to stay around freezing, and more cold all weekend, with, what the NOAA calls, a "wintry mix." Not quite what we signed up for, but then again, we've been pretty fortunate with the weather mostly this year. Gotta say, though, Florida's looking mighty fine right now... : -). Too bad we decided to winter in Arizona starting in January, even there it's extra cold so far this year. Hope things improve as the winter goes on!
Craigslist Boaz

Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 - Hunker Down Day

The temps, did, in fact, plummet overnight, and from the short sleeves I was wearing yesterday, today I had to bundle up in my parka to feed the horses. Brrrr! Spent the day hunkered down, mostly working on all the work that's been piling up since before Thanksgiving. Lots of computer work to do! Hubby spent the day with a heating pad on his back, and felt much better by the feeding time. The wind was quite bitter, so we took two tarps out and wrapped them over the bars on the north side of the corrals to create a windbreak, which would make it much more comfortable for the horses. Enjoyed a quiet evening in front of the fireplace, which has been going non-stop since last night.
Craigslist Boaz

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 - Another Great Ride at McCown Valley

With temps even warmer, going up into the upper 70's, short sleeves were in order for our second ride. This time we headed south, then east, essentially skirting a peninsula of private property that juts south into the park and must be circumnavigated to get to the eastern side of the park. We weaved through trees almost the entire day, with just a few stretches in the open. The northern-most trail on the east side had a few wet and muddy spots, but nothing compared to some places we've been. We ran into Wayne again, this time riding a pretty dapple gray (yesterdays was a chestnut or bay, can't remember now), had another short chat, saw another couple riding from afar, but otherwise a nice quiet day, even when we ran into another bunch of cows! This time the horses didn't pay any attention to them at all, thank goodness. Hubby strained his back on the home stretch, and unfortunately, was in a lot of pain the last 45 minutes or so. I took the shortest route I could find, which included the one Wayne had showed us yesterday, but it took longer than we expected because we couldn't go faster than a walk or it hurt him too much. Got back to camp about 4:15, another 4+ hour, 10.5 mile trip, probably the two longest rides we've taken in a LONG time, much less back to back. I had Hubby go in side and put ice on his back while I tended to the horses. The weather forecast has changed for the worse, calling for temps dropping dramatically tonight, so no ride tomorrow anyway! Felt kind of guilty putting the winter blankets on the horses when it was still in the 60's, but I knew the temps would be in the 30's by morning, so I figured they'd forgive me. Settled down for the evening, last chance to enjoy having the windows open for a while!

Craigslist Boaz

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 - A Great Ride Day at McCown Valley

To say that the trail map here isn't complete would be the understatement of the year! While it indicates a lot of nice loops, there are countless other trails, wide open and cross-able prairies that make an infinite variety of riding. We started out following a trail I made from Google Earth, and which had a few faded blue paint spots on an occasional tree, but that was about it. The key here is that there are numerous signs indicating numbered points (though a few are missing as indicated by the map), and once you find one of those, you can determined where you are. It's not a huge place, but there is plenty of variety, a lot more trails in the woods than you'd first imagine. Today, though, we headed along the west perimeter, down to the lake, and then east, a bit further than halfway across the park. We ran into a lone cow and her beautiful calf on the trail just after leaving the lake, and though Apollo was startled for a minute, he quickly calmed down, particularly after they left the trail and skedaddled into the brush, which, of course, Apollo took credit for : -). A little further on, we came across a much larger herd of cows, and the road we were one went straight through the middle of them, but the horses obviously remembered earlier training and went straight through them without hardly noticing, yeah! We did a lot of trotting and cantering along the open stretches. Footing was mostly sand and dirt, with just a few places where the sand got uncomfortably deep. We met another rider on the trail, a local gentleman named Wayne, who gave us some tips, and rode with us back to the campground, taking a shortcut I doubt I would have found without his help (though I know I could have found a way back, just not THAT way back. Had a nice chat along the way. One thing I'll say for Texas, everyone we've met here has been very nice, very accommodating, very laid back. The only problem so far were the Texans that didn't bother to clean up the stalls here before we arrived. Anyway, we ended up going over 10.5 miles, in perfect weather, out just about 4 hours. Horses were on their best behavior as well, with Apollo settling down very nicely from the start. After a lengthy discussion with a woman at Tractor Supply the other day (frankly, the first and only person at any Tractor Supply that seemed to know what she was talking about!), we changed the horses feed regime, cutting out the oats, having Apollo eat only hay and a small amount of Purina Enrish 32 balancer, and Clio getting mostly senior feed and some weight builder along with her hay. The results seem to be a calmer gelding, at least. We'll see what else it does over time. Meanwhile, a great day!

Craigslist Boaz

Third Grade Field Trip

Reminders for the Third Grade field trip to Tuscumbia, Alabama, which is tomorrow, Thursday, November 29, 2012. Ivy Green (Helen Keller’s birthplace), W.C. Handy Museum, & Alabama Music Hall of Fame We are scheduled to leave at 6:30 a.m.  This means your child will need to be in the RQE multi-purpose room by 6:30 a.m.  Teachers […]
Craigslist Boaz

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AMSTI Math:  Investigation 3 Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Angles Session 3.1 Triangles Session 3.2 Is It a Triangle? Session 3.3 Squares, Rectangles, and Other Quadrilaterals Session 3.4 Angles of Different Sizes Session 3.5 Working With Shapes and Angles Reading, Language, and Spelling: Unit 3 Week 3  (Please note that Third Grade will be skipping Unit 3 […]
Craigslist Boaz

November 5, 2012

Reading, Language, and Spelling Reading-Unit 3:  People and Nature Story of the Week-”The Gardener”    Unit 3 Week 1 Leveled Readers-”Gardening with Grandpa,” “Tulips for Annie’s Mother,” & “Nick’s Meadow” Grammar-Action and Linking Verbs Spelling Challenge Words-should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, needn’t, & you’ve AMSTI Math Unit 4 Perimeter, Angles, and Area Investigation 2 Session 2.1 Tetrominoes Session […]
Craigslist Boaz

Monday, October 29, 2012

Reminders of upcoming events and dates: Monday, November 12-Veteran’s Day Holiday-No School Tuesday, November 13-”Turkey Bowl” at Northridge High School Friday, November 16-Yearbook Orders are due. Week of November 19-23-Fall/Thanksgiving Break Monday, November 26-Progress Reports Thursday, November 29-Third Grade Field Trip to Tuscumbia  (Room Mother Terri Mobbs will ride the bus.  Parents are invited to […]
Craigslist Boaz

Red Ribbon Week!

Monday, October 22, 2012 Wear “Red Day!   Show your support for Red Ribbon Week and the fight for a drug-free school by wearing as much RED as possible to school today. Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Put a “Cap” On Drugs Day!  On this day students and faculty will wear a cap/hat to school in support of […]
Craigslist Boaz

October 15, 2012

Unit 2 Week 3:  Reading, Language, & Spelling Story of the Week:  Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It Leveled Readers: Metal Detector Detective Katy’s Last-Minute Book Report  Collecting Dreams Grammar:  Irregular Plural Nouns Challenge Spelling Words:  Unit 2 Week 3 thumbtack earthquake scrapbook courthouse whirlpool Monday: Read with fluency The Stamp Collector. Read & complete […]
Craigslist Boaz

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Birthday’s: Emily Baker-October 6 Brooke Darnall-October 22 Other Important Dates for October: Monday, October 8-Columbus Day Thursday, October 18-Rock-Fest Monday, October 22-Friday, October 26- Scholastic Book Fair @RQS Library Wednesday, October 24-Our class will shop at the book fair beginning at 12:00 noon until lunch begins at 12:30.  All younger siblings and parents are […]
Craigslist Boaz

Monday, October 1, 2012

Important Dates: Thursday, October 18 ROCKFEST Friday, October 26 Report Card Distribution Math: AMSTI Math Unit 3:  Collection and Travel Stories Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System 2 Monday:  Session 2.4 How Did You Start (Homework page 37) Tuesday:  Session 2.5  Addition Starter Problems Wednesday:  Session 2.6 Solving Addition […]
Craigslist Boaz

Ms. Abrams’ Third Grade Classroom Room #431

Week of April 15, 2013 Math: AMSTI Unit 9:  Solids and Boxes 3-D Geometry and Measurement Investigation 2:  Making Boxes Session 2.1 Making Boxes for a Cube Session 2.2 Patterns for 2-Cube Boxes Session 2.3  Patterns for Triangular Pyramids Investigation 3:  How Many Cubes in a Box? Session 3.1 Finding the Number of Cubes in […]
Craigslist Boaz

Imagine what a roster of NBA players in the NFL would look like.(Last post before the Army)

QB- Derrick Rose RB- Russell Westrbrook WR- Kobe Bryant WR- Kevin Durant WR-Brandon Jennings TE- Lebron James LT- Al Jefferson LG-  Kevin Love C- Tim Duncan RG- David Lee RT- Roy Hibbert   DE- Dwight Howard DE- Amare Stoudemire NT- Glen Davis OLB- Blake Griffin OLB- Carmelo Anthony MLB- Ron Artest MLB- Paul Millsap CB- […]
Craigslist Boaz

AFC East team needs for the 2012 NFL Draft

AFC East Bills- OLB, CB, RT, MLB,WR The Bill’s defense was able to hide its problems the first five weeks of the season. But they need to surround Marcel Dareus with some playmakers. Outside Linebacker is a position they need to address. Their O-Line could use a right tackle, to help protect Fitzpatrick who will […]
Craigslist Boaz

2009 Redraft

Team                                              New Pick                                      Old Pick Detroit                   […]
Craigslist Boaz

Too Early to think ahead to 2013 Draft?

1. Matt Barkley QB, USC 2. D.J Fluker OT, Alabama 3. Tyler Bray QB, Tennesse 4. Robert Woods WR, USC 5. Keenan Allen WR, Cal 6. Manti Te’o MLB, Notre Dame 7. David Amerson CB, NC State 8. Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia 9. Seantrel Henderson OT, Miami 10. Matt Elam S, Florida
Craigslist Boaz

NCAA Worst Uniforms in 2012

1. Georgia- The jersey isn’t terrible, but the helmet ruined everything. The red stripe down the middle of the helmet and facemask looks terrible, almost as terrible as they played that game vs Boise St 2. Maryland- I understand trying to get the state flag involved, but there is just too much going on here. […]
Craigslist Boaz