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Much Of America Still Hates Louisiana (And Our Congressional Delegation Isn’t Helping)

Many of us bitch and moan about the commenters on To the site’s credit, it’s doing a better job of moderating these days, but it’s still pretty easy to find racist, homophobic, inflammatory remarks lurking below the fold. I mean, I’m not asking anyone to curtail her right to free speech — if you […]
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Hurricane Katrina, Or, Enough Already, Lady

Six years after the fact, you’d think that most of us in New Orleans would be tired of talking about Hurricane Katrina. We are. That’s not to say that everything’s as it was. That’s not to say that everyone has come home. And that’s certainly not to say that people, communities, and the city we […]
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Louisiana Essentials: The Food

When I’m on the road with travel journalists from around the world, I field a sea of questions about Louisiana. From general questions about the state’s history and the culture to specific ones about our music, swamps, the Mississippi River, alligators, Cajuns, the French Quarter, the antebellum plantations, movies and reality shows filmed here—you name it, I’m asked it. One frequent question that always makes me chuckle is “How do you stay so lean living here?” I’ll admit, it’s not easy.

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Enjoy Southern Luxury on the Northshore

After a full day exploring St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana’s Northshore visitors have a fabulous new place to rest their heads—the Southern Hotel. The beautifully restored boutique hotel in downtown Covington is again welcoming guests almost 107 years to the day of its original opening.

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Boudin Linked Us

A story I often tell is how I met my husband on the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail. I was meeting the local American Press food editor for lunch to discuss the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail and how people can get off of the beaten path to experience a taste of something authentic. After the boudin brainstorming lunch, the food editor’s wife called to set me up on a date with Matt Hartman. The rest is history!

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Reconstructing Fort St. Jean Baptiste de Natchitoches

One of the many historic and interesting sites in Natchitoches is Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site. The fort represents the extraordinary community established by our founding father, Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, while en route to Mexico in 1714 on a trade mission.

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Six Must-Do Louisiana World War II Attractions

Louisiana had a meaningful role in the World War II Allied victory, contributing everything from foot soldiers and commanders to training facilities for tens of thousands of personnel and behind-the-scenes innovators who ultimately affected the war’s outcome. Experience these six must-do World War II attractions.

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7 Don't Miss Cajun Culture Experiences

Whether your Louisiana vacation is a three-day weekend, a weeklong leisure adventure or free time tacked to a business trip, enjoy this crash course in Cajun culture and history so you can revel in seeing, doing, hearing and tasting those things found only in Louisiana.

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R.W. Norton Art Gallery is a Joy to Explore

Don't Miss The Louisiana Brewery Trail

Add Poverty Point Reservoir State Park to Your Bucket List

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, only a few miles from Poverty Point World Heritage Site, the recently inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of my favorite parks to visit, whether for a day trip or overnight. The beach area is ideal for watching birds fly over the reservoir; in the winter, it’s a lovely place for peaceful contemplation.

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Louisiana Cities and Towns: What’s In the Names?

You may know that Louisiana was named for French King Louis XIV. The territory was named in his honor by French explorer La Salle, who claimed the territory to the west of the Mississippi River in the 1680s for France. The huge land tract—the Louisiana Purchase—would later form all or parts of 15 states and two Canadian provinces. 

But the cities and towns inside Louisiana have some interesting stories behind their names as well.

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7 True Detective Filming Locations to Visit

Sitting in a ditch watching Matthew McConaughey film a scene for the HBO series True Detective is not the most glamorous side of the movie industry. Yet with McConaughey’s wardrobe crew on one side of me and his hair and makeup crew on the other, it did make the perfect, albeit gritty, spot to watch the unfolding scene. In fact, everything about True Detective, especially the locations, is gritty. Thank goodness as a country girl from the river parishes, I’m not afraid of a little (a lot) of dirt.

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Explore Louisiana's African-American Heritage Trail

Louisiana’s African-American Heritage Trail includes 41 sites throughout the state that showcase the contributions of African Americans not only to Louisiana but to all of the U.S. in history, culture, food, music, the arts and literature. Sites range from historic homes and antebellum plantations to churches and cemeteries. Here’s a sample of what visitors experience on the trail. For more images of trail sites, visit the trail’s official website.

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By The Region: Five Great Spots for Birding in Louisiana

Louisiana’s subtropical climate, forested and vegetation-rich topography and position within the corridor of a major North American migratory flyway make the state a haven for a huge variety of birds and travelers who want to see them in their natural habitat.

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Visit Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame

Every day is game day at this dazzling new Louisiana State Museum. More than 15,000 visitors from around the world visited the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum in Natchitoches during its inaugural year. 

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By the Region: Five Great Places to Take the Kids

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium is Rockin’ Once More

Get Outdoors

Growing up in Lake Charles, I spent my younger years in duck blinds awaiting pink and purple sunrises, along the side of the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road pulling up blue crabs and aboard fishing boats reeling in redfish. Many of my early memories revolve around enjoying outdoor adventures in southwest Louisiana and helping my dad cook our day’s bounty.

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Before You Arrive: Learn the Local Lingo

Today I am giving you a little crash course in some uniquely-Louisiana terms so that, as a savvy traveler, you can blend in with the locals. Where better to begin than with one of Louisiana’s favorite pastimes: food. 

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