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Omaha Proclaims Lindbergh Day to Welcome Aviation Hero

Following his historic trans-Atlantic flight in May of 1927, Charles Lindbergh made a three-month goodwill tour of the United States to promote aviation. Sponsored by Long Islander Harry Guggenheim, the trip took America’s newest hero and his plane, the Spirit … Continue reading
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Nebraska History Museum-on-the-Move Offers Programs Around Town

The Nebraska History Museum may be closing (on September 1) for renovation, but there are plenty of ways for you and your families to experience the great educational opportunities the Museum has to offer through its new Museum on the … Continue reading
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Winter Quarters Monument and commemoration

During the winters of 1846-47 and 1847-48, more than six hundred members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died in their encampment, called Winter Quarters, on the banks of the Missouri River near Omaha’s present-day Florence neighborhood. … Continue reading
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The Telegraph Arrives in Brownville

The most thrilling event of the summer of 1860 for the residents of Brownville, Nebraska Territory, was the completion of a telegraph line from St. Joseph, Missouri, to their town and the transmission of the first telegrams over the wires. … Continue reading
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Pawnees in Sweden – the Long Journey of White Fox

Why would three Pawnee men travel to Sweden in the 1870s? And why, when one of the men died, was his body not returned to his family? In the Summer 2014 issue of Nebraska History, Dan Jibréus of the Karolinska … Continue reading
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Mr. Bryan’s Place in the Sun

August 12, 1908, dawned clear in Lincoln, William Jennings Bryan’s hometown. Flags and bunting draped the buildings, and crowds soon filled the streets. It was Notification Day, and Bryan would receive official confirmation that, for the third time, he was … Continue reading
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The NSHS gives back

As we are all painfully aware, a number of communities across Nebraska were devastated this season by catastrophic tornadoes, most notably Pilger and Beaver Crossing. In the aftermath of these terrible misfortunes, Nebraskans joined together in order to provide support … Continue reading
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Thayer County’s Fair at Deshler Began in 1913

“The Thayer County Agricultural society was organized in Deshler last week,” said the Omaha Bee on August 11, 1913, “and the necessary papers filed with the county clerk.” The first county fair sponsored by the society was planned for September … Continue reading
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Abbott and Costello Honored for War Bond Sales

July 31, 1942, marked the final day of Lancaster County’s month-long campaign for war bond sales. Conducted as a part of the World War II “Retailers for Victory” campaign, the drive sought to use the nation’s merchants and their employees … Continue reading
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Day 2 done. 128 miles

Day 2 done. 128 miles done. Weather was warm and a little tail wind. Photos later.
Craigslist North Platte

We raised $43000 this year

We raised $43000 this year on NUMB for hunger projects.
Craigslist North Platte

Last night we had a

Last night we had a storm that came through between 1am and 4am. Lots of lightning and wind and a little rain too.
Craigslist North Platte

Made it into camp at

Made it into camp at 1pm. We had 20 mph headwinds for most of today's ride. Tired!
Craigslist North Platte

Nitecrawlers Bar - R.I.P.

The Nitecrawlers bar in Worms, NE apparently burned down on Jan. 31 of this year. This was across the highway from one of our rest stops on NUMB15 last summer. Here is the link to the news story.
Craigslist North Platte

My bike on the ferry to Mackinac Island.

Bike on ferry to Mackinac Island
Craigslist North Platte

Bar in Worms, Nebraska

The unreadable sign above the bar was the Nightcrawler Bar in Worms, NE. Sorry. I didn't get close enough to make the sign readable.
Craigslist North Platte

NUMB 15 is over. 144

NUMB 15 is over. 144 cyclists rode approx. 225 miles in 4 days and raised over $49000 for Methodist hunger projects.
Craigslist North Platte

NUMB has received over $49000

NUMB has received over $49000 in pledges so far. One more day!
Craigslist North Platte

Day 3 completed. 58 miles

Day 3 completed. 58 miles today with nice tailwind. Eating in beautiful downtown Geneva NE.
Craigslist North Platte

We can’t win all fights

It is a sad truth: not every historic building can be saved. This was made evident on July 1st as the Omaha City Council voted unanimously to remove the Clarinda-Page apartment buildings’ local landmark designation, which had been granted in 1981. … Continue reading
Craigslist North Platte