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Texas photographer chronicles dog's last day in powerful post

The story of a dog's last day on Earth is sweeping the internet and tearing at people's heartstrings as it goes.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Info you need

If you have come to this site looking for current info On Project Linus in Kansas City you should go to Our new blog is there with all the current info you will need.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Pictures from Blanket Day!

This is our great group of volunteers that came to our Blanket Day!

This our group of ladies who were crocheting and knitting!

Some of our sewers!

More sewing!

This the first top completed at our Blanket day!
Craigslist Osage Beach

Blanket day

I just want to say I LOVE my Volunteers!!! What a wonderful and fun filled day it was! Everyone who came early to help me unload Thank You!!! It was done in short order and then you all helped again at the end of the awesome!

By the time we left for the day we had 308 blankets labeled, bagged and loaded to go to 3 area hospitals plus we had blankets for Crittenton! All I can say is WOW!

I also want to say Thank You to Elaine Bain for coming and heading up our crochet and knitting group! It was so nice to see that group come and work on some blankets, and I can't wait to do that again!

Thank you so Charlotte who labeled and bagged all those blankets with Nancy's help!

I always enjoy our blanket days so much, you all energize me much! See you at the next blanket day! I personally can't wait till then!
Craigslist Osage Beach

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Download KCTV5's new app to take advantage of new and enhanced features. 
Craigslist Osage Beach

Couple shot while looking at car on Craigslist

Looking at a car for sale on Craigslist nearly cost a Kansas City couple their lives tonight, and the father shielding his young son during the shooting helped save the young boy's life.

Craigslist Osage Beach

Kansas City, Sprint Center ready for Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney will perform at the Sprint Center Wednesday night, spinning out songs from the Beatles, Wings and a solo career that has spanned more than 50 years of rock 'n' roll.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Missouri executes man accused of killing 3 people

A former methamphetamine dealer was executed Wednesday for killing three people in remote northern Missouri out of fear that they would report his drug activity to police.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Rabid bat bites Lee's Summit man

A rabid bat bit a man as he was standing on his Lee's Summit deck last week, police said.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Raytown police investigate after man found dead in garage

Police say they have identified a person of interest in a Raytown homicide.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Chase in Wyandotte County ends in fiery crash

A man fleeing authorities crashed into another vehicle carrying two teens, authorities said Wednesday afternoon.
Craigslist Osage Beach

Tire Trouble Taking a Toll

By know you know the old trick of putting a penny in the treads of your tires to see if you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head.  If some of Abe’s head is covered, you more or less have healthy tires.  If not… Mr. Lincoln will be very disappointed in you.

 It’s not a perfect test, and you really need to check all around the tires to be sure there isn’t uneven wear, bulges, or cracks.  But, it’s a good place to start.

Here are some other things to consider:  How exposed to the elements are your tires?  Places with extreme swings in temperatures and harsh weather conditions can shorten the life of a tire.  So can having tires exposed to the sun and air for long periods of time.  If possible, park in a covered area during the day to extend life.

Also, be sure to pick fresh tires.  All tires are stamped with a production date so that you know how old the tires are before you buy them.  By law, tires have to be clearly marked… unfortunately, the law didn’t say anything about the markings being understandable.  You may see a code that says something like “LMLR5107.”  Focus on those last numbers and you’ll see that the tire was manufactured on the 51st week of 2007.   “PQRR313” would suggest it was made in January of 2013.   

That date is pretty important because after 7 to 10 years, the rubber just isn’t as good as it used to be.  If your “new” tires are already 3 or 4 years old, you may not get the 6 years/60,000 miles you were expecting.

Proper inflation, stay away from rusty nails, see how Lincoln’s head is doing once in a while… and you should have safe tires for your nextjourney.

Craigslist Osage Beach

Beware: The Hurricane of Bad Cars

Not quite a year after Hurricane Sandy caused untold amounts of damage to the eastern seaboard, unsuspecting car buyers are finding themselves in formerly flooded cars.  

Many of these cars are being sold privately or at smaller used car lots, but the risk is real.  Once corrosion starts in a car, it begins to slowly break down vital parts of a car.  A car that may have been sitting in a few feet of salty sea water is an even greater risk.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people are shampooing the carpets, squirting some Febreze around, and passing these off as great used cars. 

AAA has offered up some clues to help you buy smart… and stay safe. 

First, trust your nose.  If you are picking up any kind of a mildew smell, or if it seems like they are overdoing the air fresheners, start asking questions. 

Take some extra time to look under the car and pay close attention to tight areas that are hard to clean.  If you are seeing mud trapped in there, or detect corrosion, you could have a formerly flooded car. 

Spend a few extra dollars for a CARFAX report.  Pay particular attention if the car spent anytime in the northern Atlantic states in the past 12 months.

Lastly, your own personal mechanic is your best friend in these kinds of situations.  They know exactly what to look for and can advise you accordingly.

It’s important to know that selling flood damaged cars without disclosing that information is highly illegal.

Just keep in mind there were hundreds of thousands of cars that sat soaking in the flood waters last year, and some are making their ways to private sellers and tiny dealerships.  Be extra vigilant.

Any questions?  Just ask our trained mechanics here at US Automotive. 

Craigslist Osage Beach

DIY Auto Air Conditioning Repair

A car that just will not cool down makes for a frustrating ride to work in August.  When you are getting warm air coming from the vents, the go-to solution is often a “recharge” of the magic refrigerant.  And, barring any other issues with the A/C, that can do the trick.

Enter a new product that is appearing on shelves:  A simple can with a gauge that promises to have your air conditioning blowing cool air again in just 30 minutes.  Does it work?  According to most reviews, the answer is a resounding…


If it truly is low levels of refrigerant, the tried and true “recharge” will do the trick.  But, it begs the question:  why was it low in the first place?  As a car gets older, the pressure levels will drop, but a drop in pressure could also indicate a leak.  Any recharge (DIY or otherwise), will eventually go down again and you’re back in the same boat.

While both professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers have given these products favorable ratings, others do have some reasonable concerns.  Your air conditioning system has many pieces, parts, and hoses that can fail.  Some mechanics have expressed concern that if the pressure is too low or too high, you could invite other problems.  Others have noted that the product in these cans is not professional grade and could compromise other parts of the system.

All in all, if you have an old car and the expense of replacing a compressor in an A/C system doesn’t make sense anymore, you could skate by with a recharge from a professional or by using one of these off the shelf products.

But, as with anything… if something isn’t doing what you think it needs to be doing, or the problem keeps repeating itself, it’s time to visit a pro.

Stay cool!

Craigslist Osage Beach

Little Pieces & Parts of Your Car that are Saving Your life & Money!

What can your car learn from an aluminum can?  Quite a bit, it seems.  While it doesn’t sound like that can provide much safety, the people that make soda cans and aluminum foil are getting into the car business.

Cars brakes

Here’s why:  Extra weight in your car means extra time to stop.  Extra time to stop means extra work for your brakes.  Extra work for your brakes means they wear out, and that’s where your safety comes in.

The trick is to create a car that is both lightweight, and also safe.  Aluminum manufacturers are teaming up with car manufacturers and they are finding out that people are willing to pay a little more money for a car that will get better gas mileage.  The heavy steel is being replaced by lightweight aluminum, while still offering great safety. It also has an impact on your stopping distance.  A lighter car, less effort to stop. 

Always be aware of your stopping distance, and if it seems like it’s taking you longer to bring your car to a complete stop, that’s the time to talk to a mechanic.  It takes about 175 feet to bring a car to a stop when it’s going 50 miles an hour.  That’s about 13 car lengths.  If it’s taking your longer than that, it’s time to get them checked… because even the strongest car (or aluminum can) can withstand only so much.

Craigslist Osage Beach

Cooling the Oven in Your Car

You’ve probably seen the Internet picture of somebody baking cookies in the heat of their closed car.  It can certainly get hot in your car...not 350 degrees hot, though. Those cookies took hours and hours to cook! 

Here are some ways to keep your car from feeling like a blast furnace when you first get in. 

There are some simple tips that you probably know by now.  Park in the shade, point your car away from the sun, and leave a bit of the window open.  These things will help keep the temperature down.

When you turn the air on, look for the “recirculation” button.  It’s usually a symbol with an arrow going in a circle around itself.  When you have that on, it will “reuse” the air that is already in the car.  In other words, it will take the air that has already been cooled down, and cool it down even more.  Most air systems have that switched off by default, and that just means you are bringing more warm air in and making your system work to cool it down.

Here’s another easy thing you can do.  Keep a water bottle nearby, and spray down the steering wheel when you get in.  Just like when you sweat, the evaporation of the water on the steering wheel can help drop the temperature quickly and keep your hands on the wheel. 

Craigslist Osage Beach

Brake Problems for You are Problems for All

Getting a car to go is half of the equation of driving.  The other half is getting it to stop.  We recommend very strongly that you have the “stop” part in place well before you ever try the “go” part.


The problems with brake problems is they almost never suddenly happen.  Brakes are always getting progressively worse, and they’re never quite as good as they were on day one.

Little by little your brakes begin to wear down.  Stopping takes longer and longer, and next thing you know you’re sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Your brakes are equipped with a funny little feature:  an alarm that goes off when the brakes are wearing down.  It’s that squeal you hear, and it’s trying to tell you something.   We don’t recommend you wait for that alarm, however.  A good mechanic will make it a point to really check your brakes whenever you are getting an oil change. 

Finally, consider this odd occurrence recently out west.  A car going down a hill in California actually started a brush fire when a small piece of metal flaked off of its brakes and landed in the dry grass.  Firefighters say this is not all that unusual.  So, keep in mind that bad brakes cause bad problems for you, people around you, and Smokey Bear.

Craigslist Osage Beach

A Car or a Computer or Both?

Imagine you are a time traveler from 1940, and you just got plunked down into a car dealership.  That machine isn’t as much as a machine as it used to be, is it?

While the technology has greatly improved our cars, one unintended consequence has happened:  Those colorful touch screens are quite distracting!  Once, you could reach down without taking your eyes off the road and simply adjust the temperature.  Now, you have to swipe to the right page, zoom in on the virtual knob, and slide it to the right position.  Assuming you haven’t already driven off the road by now.

Enter the whiz-kids at Apple.  According to, they have just received a patent from the U.S. government for a whole new way to control your dashboard.  One idea: a projection onto a generic knob that would change things like the volume or the air conditioning, depending on what was being projected.  Existing technologies such as “heads up displays” or like what you see on cameras that detect the position of your head would allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

The most interesting technology is for a touch screen that actually forms ridges and raised areas to give you the ability to “feel” your way across the touch screen, without the need to look at it.  All of these technologies not only make driving in the car easier, but safer too.

Now… if the computer would just hand me my French fries…

Craigslist Osage Beach

Too Hot for Air Conditioning?

When traveling through the impossible heat of Death Valley in Nevada, you may see a sign telling you to turn OFF your air conditioning.  Could that be right?  Switch off the sweet cool air while traveling through the place with the hottest recorded temperature in the world?  Who would do such a thing?

Air Conditioning in the Heat

Well, it turns out it’s a pretty reasonable bit of advice.  While our area almost never sees such extreme temperatures, it’s good to know what is happening when you use your air conditioning.

While you are nice and cool inside, your air conditioning is working hard.  Real hard.  It takes quite a bit of energy (heat) to keep you cool.  Thus, when traveling through Death Valley, the park rangers recommend turning the air conditioning off so the engine doesn’t overheat. 

This is good to remember, because if you are ever pulling a boat, camper, or trailer you may glance down and notice the engine really starting to heat up.  A good way to back that temperature down is to turn off your A/C.  You may sweat a little bit, but you can save some major damage to your engine.

Craigslist Osage Beach

The Rain and Your Brakes

Water on the roads isn’t good for anybody, and it really causes havoc with the ability to stop your car.  Inevitably, you’re going to drive through a puddle, and that’s likely to splash water up into your brakes.  A light tap a few times afterwards will actually help dry the brake pads to help you stop better the next time.

US Automotive Inc - The rain and your brakes
Got your cruise control on?  Turn it off!  Cruise control works on how fast it “thinks” the car is going. If you happen to hydroplane with cruise control on, those wheels will start spinning crazy-fast and you could have some big troubles once the tires make contact with the road again.

Lastly, if you hear some temporary squealing in your brakes after it rains that could be a couple of things.  Sometimes a little harmless rust forms on the surface rotors and makes noise until it gets knocked way, or trapped water in little grooves heats up and actually whistles like a tea pot as it steams away.  If the squealing lasts more than a minute or two, you might have something completely different going on and you may need to bring your car in for a complete check.

Beyond that, all the other safe driving rules apply:  Don’t drive through standing water, slow down during rain, and bring an umbrella.  You don’t want your hair all mussed up, do you?

Craigslist Osage Beach