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Brown's Radiator and A/C Service
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Artificial Limb and Brace
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Postcard From Tybee Island

Here are three of us, hard at work. We’re … doing research. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Seriously, the Southern Indiana Writers were among the writers granted a free week in one of the Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island, Georgia. In … Continue reading
Craigslist West Lafayette

Spec The Halls with SIW

SPEC THE HALLS, an electronic anthology of winter holiday stories, is out for a limited time from Alliteration Ink Publishing. Two of the stories are by members of Southern Indiana Writers: T. Lee Harris and Marian Allen. All proceeds from … Continue reading
Craigslist West Lafayette

Hotel Total WIN After All

Holiday Inn Express in Muncie, after a rocky start that wasn’t actually their fault, completely made up for it with superior service and a steep discount on the room to make up for the inconvenience and aggravation. When it’s time … Continue reading
Craigslist West Lafayette

Saturday WIN!

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Muncie, Indiana was a total win. Eggs, yogurt, Canadian bacon (or similar) made breakfast edible for the gluten-intolerant and an automated pancake machine made breakfast fabulous for the easily amused. T and Marian … Continue reading
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Andy Chen Photography

Andy Chen is an award winning fine art photographer and gallery director at the StutzArtSpace.

His images explore themes of enchantment within the wildness of the natural world. Andy was born in 1974 in Taiwan and grew up in the Midwestern United States. His exposure to photography began in high school, where he spent countless, clueless hours in the darkroom as part of the yearbook staff. A few years later, he finally figured out that the knobs on the camera had a purpose and quickly found a new passion (for photography, not turning knobs).

Andy Chen Photography
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Mili Walker Fine Art and Children Photography

Hello! My name is Mili Tepavac-Walker, born Milica Tepavac.  I am a European, award-winning photographer, specializing in children's and portrait photography and I'm the owner of Mili Walker Photography (

In January 2011, I came to the United States on a simple tourist visit, and have ultimately stayed in the U.S. pretty much by accident! I met my husband, fall in love, we got married and now we are expecting a baby - little Jude Nicola Walker!

We moved from Chicago to Carmel, IN in January 2012 and I'm so happy to be part of Indy community.

My blog is mostly about photography, but sometimes I feel free to put my thoughts pretty much about everything that inspire me or irritate at that moment (including movies, music, health insurance, taxes etc)."

Some of my most popular blog posts are:

Mili Walker Fine Art and Children Photography
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Distracted by Something Shiny

About Me:
34 • lover of hazelnut coffee • Web developer • nerd • crafter • maker of lazy bullet lists disguised as paragraphs.

You can contact me at mymsie [at] gmail [dot] com
Follow me on Twitter
Join me over at Pinterest

Distracted by Something Shiny
Craigslist West Lafayette

Congratulations to Our Color Me Rad Contest Winners!

Just a quick word to say congrats to Erin and Andrea! They will both receive 2 entries into the Color Me Rad 5k at Indianapolis.

Feel free to congratulate them yourself:

Erin blogs here - Live Life Active
Andrea blogs here - A Doctor in the House

Many thanks to all of our contest participants.  Hope you keep an eye out for our future contests and good luck!  Enjoy the nice weather before Isaac's rain comes.
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Bloggers Exclusive Interview with Kelley James

Big thanks to Chelsea Nord over at Boilermakerag for conducting our exclusive interview with Kelley James.  You can watch the inteverview below, and check out Chelsea's post here.  Learn more about Kelley James from our previous post here.  Thanks Kelley for taking the time to do this!

Craigslist West Lafayette

FREE Entries Into Color Me Rad Indianapolis 5k Run ($45 value)

Thanks to our friends at Color Me Rad, we have the opportunity to give away FREE entries into the event on Saturday, September 8th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds (see our previous post here for more details).

Winners of the contest will be given 2 promo codes to be entered upon registration, which will waive the $45 fee.  The contest will be open until Thursday, August 30, 2012 at noon (Indy time).  So be sure to enter the contest and win one entry for you and a friend!

All you have to do to enter is shoot us an email at  Or reply in the comment section of this post (be sure to click the box that will email you follow-up comments, so we can notify you if you win).  Anyone can enter.  Be sure to say "Color Me Rad!" somewhere in the email.  Winner will be chosen at random from all entrants.

Also, if you could do us a favor and help spread the word about this contest, that would be great!  Thanks and good luck!
Craigslist West Lafayette

Color Me Rad Indianapolis - 5k Run, September 8

Hey Indianapolis-  On Saturday, September 8th, Color Me Rad is coming to Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! 

If you're like me, you probably ask yourself the following question on a daily basis: "I wonder what it's like to run 5 kilometers while getting bombed with every color of the rainbow?"  Well, now is your chance to answer that age-old question!

The next question you may be asking yourself is, "What the heck is a kilometer - and will five of them kill me?"  Well, I've got the answer to that question too, my metrics-challenged friend.  But don't feel dumb, I had to look it up:

So as you can see, five kilometers is a mere 3.10686 miles.  Which means 3 miles of sheer joy as you get pummeled with happiness.  And remember- you don't even have to run, you can walk it!

In all seriousness, Color Me Rad is an awesome event for runners and spectators alike.  The race benefits Special Olympics Indiana, so you can have your fun knowing that you are also helping others.  And if you'd rather be the one throwing color, instead of running the race, you can sign up to volunteer and help shower runners with glorious color bombs.  (sign up here)

So get out there and have some fun!  Registration ends September 5th, so don't wait.  The cost is a mere $45 to register, but keep an eye out for a special contest from Indianapolis Bloggers to get your FREE entry (contest details can be found here).
Register here.

Watch the video below to see what's in store.  Also, be sure to check out the following links:
About Color Me Rad
Color Me Rad Facebook Page
Color Me Rad Twitter Page
More Pics

Craigslist West Lafayette

Kelley James Coming to Indianapolis (8/19/2012)

Hey Indianapolis- Kelley James is coming to play in Indy on August 19th at the RedBull Moto GP After Party. Do whatever you can to make sure you're there to enjoy the show. Indianapolis Bloggers is being given an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Kelley, so be on the lookout and don't miss it!

For more info on Kelley, read the following and check out some music videos below:
National recording artist Kelley James is a singer-songwriter whose music is a fascinating collection of acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, thoughtful lyrics and freestyle flows. James has shared the stage with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Kate Voegele, Slightly Stoopid, Shwayze, T-Pain,, and more.

James recently played a weeklong residency at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in June and just finished headlining the Common Threads Tour for Patagonia in Australia, which makes his fifth tour of Australia to date. Additionally, he has toured the nation with acts such as Mike Posner and O.A.R., and has performed over 600 shows in the past four years.

His newly released single, “Summertime On My Mind”, has become a summertime anthem and has received recognition from several viral entertainment sites including BroBible, BuzzFeed, ClevverMusic, Mashable and Tone It Up. “Summertime On My Mind” has been included on Tunecore’s “25 Songs of Summer” compilation album available free on Amazon MP3. The music video features special guest appearances by some of James’ friends including Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers, Richard Jefferson of the Golden State Warriors, Tone It Up fitness and nutritional experts Katrina and Karena and professional beach volleyball player Chelsea Rashoff.

Watch “Summertime On My Mind”

And here's Kelley just doing some freestyle:

For more information on Kelley James, please visit:
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Indy In-Tune

A podcast and accompanying web community dedicated to news, tracks, interviews, artist spotlights, and commentaries from Central Indiana's music scene that can be found at

To change the mindset and tastes of the average music listener in Indianapolis from "corporate cookie cutter drone listener" to "local independent artist evangelist."

Company Overview
 New media production, artist showcase, event management/promotion, venue marketing/PR

1. A web community dedicated to serving the central Indiana music scene through news, tracks, interviews, artist spotlights, and links to essential resources (

2. A podcast available via free subscription on iTunes (, Odeo, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and everywhere fine podcasts are found.

3. A free tool for local artists to get their name and music out there to the masses on the Internet.

4. A resource for music fans seeking to purchase or watch quality musical entertainment from local, independent artists or just learn more about their local music scene in general.

5. A permanent record and future time capsule of the Indianapolis music scene.

6. A suite of marketing services dedicated to helping venues to expand and promote their business through the use of live music, new media production, and social networking, as well as more-traditional marketing tools.

Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Phil The Void

This blog has a lot to do with Indianapolis, local restaurants, technology, and Phil!
Craigslist West Lafayette

Cleis Design

cleis091710-1638-blogCleis Design is a one woman design shop, fronted by graphic designer, Jennifer Hughes. She specializes in brand development and championing all that is good and unique in the world. Jennifer often collaborates with other designers/artists/marketers/developers/kindred spirits to create work that is unique as well as functional in the commercial and art world. Feel free to  look at her portfolio, resume and the rest of the site. For questions and requests for quotes – please e-mail

Cleis Design
Craigslist West Lafayette

Free Tickets to see Yanni in Concert at the Murat!

As you hopefully already know, Yanni is coming to Indianapolis and will be playing at the Murat on Monday, April 30th. Details of the event can be found here: An Evening With Yanni - Murat Theater, Indianapolis.

We have tickets available and will be holding a simple little contest to give them away for FREE! Yup, FREE YANNI TICKETS! Here's how it works:

1) Email us to let us know you're interested ( Please don't enter the contest unless you are sure you can attend this event. Tickets will be left at roll call under your name, so they are non-transferable (and don't come cheap).

 2) If you are a member of Indianapolis Bloggers, write up a quick post to let your readers know about Yanni's concert. Be sure to let people know where they can buy tickets, etc. (info can be found at the link above).

 3) If you aren't a member of Indianapolis Bloggers, you can still let your friends and family know about the event through Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other crazy social networking you're into. Just link them up to this:

4) The winner will be drawn at random, however you get an extra name in the "hat" for helping spread the word through doing #2 or #3 above.  Just let us know in your email what you've done.  Winner will receive 2 tickets for the show Monday, April 30 at 7:30pm.

5) This contest will be open until 5:00pm (Indianapolis time) Saturday, April 28th.  If you lose, you can still go see Yanni on your own dime - just click here and buy your tickets!

Feel free to email us with any questions.  Good luck and godspeed!
Craigslist West Lafayette

An Evening With Yanni - Murat Theatre, Indianapolis

Hey Indianapolis - Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming... birds are singing... and Yanni... yeah that's right, Yanni is coming to Indianapolis!

Before we begin, let us share with you just a taste of the awesomeness that is Yanni. Please push play on the video below, then continue to read this post as the music of Yanni enters your life and changes you forever. It's like coffee for your ears.

In case you're unfamiliar with Yanni, he's a pretty big deal. Sure, he puts his pants on like the rest of us - one leg at a time. But when his pants are on, he makes gold records. No, seriously. He also has his own page on Wikipedia, so basically anything you want to know about his life can be found here: Yanni's wiki page. Oh, and his mustache makes Burt Reynolds look like a mere mortal. See for yourself:

Unfortunately for the humble citizens of this quaint town, Yanni will only be gracing us with his presence for a single night of glory: Monday, April 30th.  Yanni is stopping in Indy as part of his North American tour.  The good news is that it's not too late for you to partake in this festival of passion!

Let Yanni take the yawn out of your life. Ya'need Yanni! Pick up your tickets and let the music of Yanni heal your soul.  Details below.  Also be sure to pick up Yanni's newly released CD/DVD set, "Yanni: Live at El Morro Puerto Rico."

An Evening With Yanni
Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
Indianapolis, IN
Mon, Apr 30, 2012 07:30 PM

Pick up tickets here
Visit Yanni's website here.
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: What's Up Fagan's

This blog strives to answer one very simple question: What’s up Fagans?

But, first we’ll answer a prerequisite question: Who are the Fagans?

Well, these particular Fagans are husband and wife team Joshua and Katelyn, and their two-year old fraternal twin daughters Alison and Lisa.  Mr. Fagan works at Scecina Memorial High
School here in Indianapolis teaching Mathematics.  Mrs. Fagan stays at home with the girls,
blogs, and creates and sells art on the side (she majored in Fine Arts).
Joshua was born in Colorado, but went to high school in Batesville, IN and attended Indiana University for a while, before transferring to Utah Valley University among other things.  Katelyn grew up in Wisconsin and attended Brigham Young University.  They met while attending their respective colleges in Utah (yes, we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka Mormons) and have been married for three years.
(To learn even more about us, check out our Meet the Fagans page.)

Our blog was started shortly after we got married as a way to keep our friends and family, spread across the country, up to date on our lives, but has evolved into much more than that.  On What’s up Fagans we not only share what we do, with whom, and when, but also what we think about baby products, movies, books, sports, music, religion, finances, art, pregnancy, parenting, marriage, twins, cars, and much more.

As we discuss various topics we do so with humor and honesty.  We honestly talk about our struggles with money and making ends meet (we’re a family of four living off a second-year school teacher’s salary here people!), with making time for each other, with caring for twins, with dieting and exercise, with staying at home, and with unexpected realities (twins for starters!) and lately with Mr. Fagan’s car accident this last November that has caused a huge amount of stress in our otherwise simple lives.  We share our struggles and offer advice and hope for others who have may be going through similar experiences.  We also solicit parenting and life advice fairly often too as we share our first time parenting ups and downs and newly-wed struggles.

So, please come join us, the Fagan Four, as we navigate our simple, yet complex life with optimism, humor, hope, and faith at  You'll be glad we answered your question: What's up Fagans?

Follow us on twitter @whatsupfagans

Like us on Facebook:
Craigslist West Lafayette

NCAA Hall of Champions

Ever watched the US Open and wondered what it’s like to face a tennis ball hurtling towards you at 90 mph? Now you can find out, by visiting the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. It’s packed with interactive, hands on activities, that will keep you and your children entertained and won’t break the bank - so you can still save up for that cruise break holiday you’ve been planning! The Hall of Champions is the perfect attraction for sports fans of all ages, with easy access and plenty of parking.

The Arena

The Hall of Champions has an ‘Arena’ floor, where you can see an exhibition highlighting those athletes that embody the NCAA attributes, as well as a permanent exhibition to encourage young girls to compete in sport – the NCAA History of Women in Intercollegiate Athletics. All 23 NCAA sports are represented in the Arena, with trivia challenges, video highlights and various artefacts donated from colleges all over America. Past champions in every sport are up on the walls, along with their banners. Statues of famous college football players stand around as you test yourself on sporting facts. In total, there are 23 different computers showcasing each sport the NCAA sponsors. Those sports range from the more well-known as basketball, baseball, but then also, skiing, fencing, and water polo. You can watch interviews with different student-athletes telling of their experiences, and how they have gained by being part of the NCAA.


On the second level of the Hall, sport comes alive. There are interactive activities, which place you right in the game with state of the art virtual reality technology. You can find yourself on the mound out on the baseball pitch, with just three strikeouts needed to win. Will you make it, or will you choke? You can try the soccer game activity, where your task is to slot the ball into the net, to take your team to victory. If you don’t make it, just keep trying till you do, then bask in the glory of having scored that winning goal. You can go back to the 1930’s in the retro basketball gym where you can try and shoot a basket, and a tennis ball machine that serves you with a ball at up to 90 miles an hour!

Other Activities

When you’ve finished the tour and played all the sports activities, it’s time to head to the gift shop, where there is plenty of merchandise for sale. If you live locally, you could book a kid’s party at the Champion’s Hall – or even a business meeting. The Hall hosts all sorts of events, and can cater for as many guests as the rooms will hold. School visits are also welcome, and you can book a 90 minute educational and interactive experience, which will teach your class about being a champion on and off the pitch.  Team building exercises are very popular, and a school field trip tour meets Indiana Academic State Standards in Math, U.S. History, Geography, Science and English.

Admission tickets are the cheapest in the White River State Park

Adults - $5.00
Youth - $3.00
Seniors- $3.00
Children 5 & under- FREE

The Opening hours are:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday through Saturday – 10 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday – Noon – 5.00 pm

What are you waiting for? 
NCAA Hall of Champions 

Indianapolis Bloggers did not receive any compensation for this post.  However, it was written by a guest author who works for IGLU Cruise and agreed to provide the content for this post in exchange for including a link to that company within the post.  IGLU Cruise has no affiliation with the NCAA.
Craigslist West Lafayette

Indianapolis Blogger: Drawings in Motion

Hello! Thanks for visiting. This site is essentially just a big catalog of food, photos, illustrations, designs, animations, prints, crafts that I make. From time to time I'll post a little bit about something inspiring me at the moment. I love thoughts and comments so feel free to share.

Drawings in Motion
Craigslist West Lafayette